FCH Quiz Bowl

2023-24 District 2 4-H
FCH Quiz Bowl

Previously: Nutrition Quiz Bowl

Date: Saturday, November 18, 2023
Location: Sundown ISD (701 School St, Sundown TX, 79372)
Entry Fee: $15
4-H Online: Opens: Oct. 18  – Closes: Nov. 6, 2023
No Late Registration
Counties may set alternate registration deadlines. Please check with your County for their deadlines.
Event Time: Check In: 10:15 a.m.
Contest Begins: 10:30 a.m. (tentative start time)
Contest Letter: 2023-24 FCH Quiz Bowl – Updated Letter
For More Information, Contact: Wendy Case, (806) 251-5120

Awards will be given immediately following the final rounds in each division. The first, second, and third place senior teams will advance to State 4-H Roundup in June 2024.

“What is That?  FCH Quiz Bowl”  
Posted 2/24/2021 on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/bEXtMymH8kw

If you need any type of accommodation to participate in this program, you must list accommodation requests in 4HOnlineRegistration.

Study Resources:


CDM Contest Categories https://texas4-h.tamu.edu/events/roundup/

FTC Facts for Consumers – Need Credit or Insurance? https://fcsagents.tamu.edu/resources/ins-and-outs-of-credit- reports-and-credit-scoring/credit-score.pdf

Appendix. Glossary of Financial Terms https://fcsagents.tamu.edu/resources/wiseup/handbook/appendix-glossary- of-financial-terms.pdf


Laundry on Your Own https://texas4-h.tamu.edu/wp-content/uploads/fashion_laundry_on_your_own.pdf

Clothing Quality Standards https://texas4-h.tamu.edu/wp- content/uploads/Resources_Fashion_Show_clothing_quality_standards.pdf



Texans, Get Ready – Be Prepared to Survive and Recover from a Disaster https://texashelp.tamu.edu/wp- content/uploads/2017/01/texans-get-ready.pdf

E-cigarettes and Youth: What Parents Need to Know https://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/basic_information/e- cigarettes/pdfs/OSH-E-Cigarettes-and-Youth-What-Parents-Need-to-Know-508.pd

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