55 Ideas for National 4-H Week!

For well over 100 years, 4-H has inspired families, shaped careers, and impacted communities. On October 2nd – 7th we will celebrate the impact of 4-H during National 4-H Week. Below are some ways you can celebrate 4-H! I encourage you to use this week to not only promote your local 4-H program, but also to show gratitude for the support received from your community!

The 2023 National 4-H Week Theme is:

  1. Set up a 4-H promotional booth somewhere in the community or at school!
  2. Deliver goodies to all of the 4-H supporters/stakeholders in your community
  3. Get your Commissioners’ Court to sign the National 4-H Week Proclamation
  4. Go on the radio to deliver a 4-H PSA
  5. Reach out to local news stations to promote National 4-H Week
  6. Wear your 4-H Gear all week!
  7. Make National 4-H Week Social Media Posts
  8. Submit articles/graphics to run in the newspaper
  9. Write a newspaper feature story on a 4-H member or two
  10. Highlight different 4-H members/projects/contests each day of the week on social media.
  11. Make thank you cards to send to your 4-H supporters
  12. Have a “green out” at school… get everyone to wear green one day!
  13. Make 4-H coloring sheets to give to the elementary schools
  14. Ask your principal to recognize national 4-H week on the morning announcements
  15. Make flyers to pass out at school, at the grocery store, church etc.
  16. Make posters to place around the community
  17. Ask local businesses to put up signs/flyers in their windows
  18. Find places willing to fly the 4-H flag for the week!
  19. See if your city is interested in 4-H light pole signs
  20. Have a group of 4-H members give an interpretative presentation to the Commissioners’ Court
  21. Go promote 4-H at the Rotary Club meeting
  22. Donate goodies to the Teacher’s Lounges to thank them for their support of 4-H
  23. Conduct a fundraiser for 4-H scholarships/projects/camps/contests
  24. Complete a community service project
  25. Organize something for One Day 4-H
  26. Host a 4-H Carnival
  27. Host a 4-H day in the park
  28. Make 4-H book marks to donate to Libraries
  29. Make 4-H Placemats for the Senior Citizens Center
  30. Window paint vehicles with the 4-H Clover (with permission)
  31. Order One Day 4-H T-shirts
  32. Create your own County/Club T-Shirts to sell.
  33. Come up with daily social media challenges that help promote 4-H!
  34. Post 4-H throwback pictures!
  35. Create a 4-H Project Promotional Poster!
  36. Have a Project Poster Fair
  37. Host a 4-H Reunion
  38. Recruit new 4-H Volunteers
  39. Share your 4-H Story any way you can!
  40. Host a 4-H Pep Rally
  41. Make 4-H Decorations to deliver to local nursing homes
  42. Delivery something to brand new 4-H members to welcome them!
  43. Make 4-H yard signs to display!
  44. Change your social media profile picture to one with a 4-H Frame
  45. Pass out 4-H pencils at school!
  46. Host a 4-H Family Movie Night
  47. Create Custom 4-H Stickers to give away
  48. Make promotional videos with 4-H’ers in your club/county.
  49. Ask local businesses who have a marquee or light up sign to display a 4-H message
  50. Have a 4-H ice-cream or watermelon social!
  51. Host a 4-H scavenger hunt
  52. Set up 4-H photobooths at schools/grocery stores/banks/local businesses
  53. Leave 4-H flyers at grocery stores to be picked up!
  54. Ask local businesses if you can display a project poster for the week!
  55. Have older 4-H members go visit elementary classes to read a book or have lunch

Here are lots of resources to utilize:

National 4‑H Week – Social Media Graphics

Downloads are available in Zip file format.

Download – Social-4-H is a Feeling-Retro 1080×1080

Download – Social-LOVE 1080×1080

Download – 4-H is a Feeling 1080×1920

Download – 4-H is a Feeling Retro 1080×1920

Download – LOVE 1080×1920

Download – Virtual Background

Download – Virtual Backgrounds Retro

Download – Virtual Backgrounds-LOVE

Download – I Heart 4-H

Download – Social-4-H is a Feeling 1080×1080

Printable materials

These 8.5 x 11 printable PDFs can be used for events and meetings or in storefront windows and bulletin boards. These can also be used to print and distribute as “at home” packets to celebrate the week. Downloads are available in Zip file format.

Download – Ads and Fliers – 4-H is a Feeling-Retro 8.5×11

Download – Ads and Fliers – 4-H is a Feeling 8.5×11

Download – Ads and Fliers – LOVE 8.5×11

Download – Pull-Up Banners 1

Download – Pull-Up Banners 2

Download – Pull-Up Banners 3

You can also create an account to download the materials directly from the National 4-H website.

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